Meet a little Rebel

For years I have wanted to do a newborn shoot down here in Mexico. Sayulita is so vibrant with all the colors and textures, I knew it would allow for some amazing and creative newborn shots if I had the chance. Well I would like to thank my wonderful friends Courtney and Storm for getting pregnant so I could do a photo shoot, lol.

Rebel was born last week and she is as beautiful as we all expected her to be. And despite her name, she was very well behaved and the perfect model (beyond a a few peeing on mom and dad moments!) And we not only were able to get some amazing shots on the beach, Courtney and Storm own a fantastic bar down here, and so I thought since her name is Rebel, we may as well start her out with shots in the bar! Thanks Courtney and Storm for being open to doing such a fun and creative newborn shoot, can’t wait to do more photos of her as she grows up! Congrats you two!!

Judy & Dice’s pregnancy shoot in Tennessee Valley

A couple weeks ago I met up with Dice and Judy in Tennessee Valley, this is one of my favorite places to do a pregnancy shoot, I love the look of all the fields and mountains that give such a beautiful feel to the photos. This was a super fun couple to shoot, we were laughing the whole time, I know they will make amazing parents when little Aya arrives! Can’t wait to capture her too 🙂




Victoria & Joey’s beautiful engagement shoot

Marching band + high school sweethearts + ten years = time to get married!! I met up with Victoria and Joey at the Legion of Honor for their engagement shoot and we also discovered an amazing new location! Their black and white outfits were perfect for the colorful mosaic stairs we found, and the photos were awesome 🙂


Welcome baby Lucca!

Last week Amy and Karen came in for a newborn shoot with their beautiful brand new addition, Lucca. While the little lady did manage to pee on most of us (I think Amy escaped getting wet! LOL) it was a fantastic shoot and I am so happy with the images I was able to capture of this beautiful family. Congrats Amy & Karen!


Introducing Sofia Elena!

I have known and been shooting Dan & Alexia and their family for about 4 years now and it has been so amazing to watch them grow! And I was so happy to meet and take photos of their beautiful new addition Sophia. As usual, Alexia came to the shoot super prepared with all types of cute accessories for the baby (I always tease her that she keeps Etsy in business! LOL) Their first child Gabe was very good with the baby, and we got some very sweet shots of the two of them together. And since it was just Gabe’s 2nd birthday, we made part of the shoot special and just about him 🙂

Beautiful children, beautiful family, beautiful life. Love you guys! Now its time to start working on #3, just joking!!





Dalal Family

The gloomy San Francisco weather didn’t stop the Dalal family from celebrating their anniversary, and Raghav’s First Birthday with a photo session!!! Raghav was a little suspicious at first, but warmed up to the camera quickly. Doesn’t he have the cutest cheeks you have ever seen? Such a beautiful family!

Dan and Alexia and their growing family!

Dan And Alexia came in a few weeks ago so we could take some baby bump photos. I have been shooting this growing family for several years now, and am so excited they are soon going to have a new addition! I’m sure Gabe will be a wonderful big brother to his soon to be new sister. Alexia always has such fun and creative ideas and props that she brings in and he photo shoot was a blast as usual! Love you guys and can’t wait to meet the new little lady soon 🙂


The Yoken Family in Sayulita

My cousin Jen and her family came down to Mexico for spring break and I got to hang out with them for a couple days, and of course take some family portraits! I love when I get to share Sayulita with my friends and family, and was so happy to have them come down, see this beautiful town and have a fun beach day with the kids!


Fun family beach shoot!

Last week the Logan family came down to Sayulita for a quick vacation and we met up for a fun family session! Their little one Mateo was such a cutie, and he was so easy to take great photos of! It was a beautiful day, with a beautiful family!


McMullen Family

Heidi, Bobby and Ella are the cutest family! Ella was so smiley and adorable during the entire shoot. Just look at those cheeks!!