I love shooting destination weddings!

I’ve shot destination weddings all over the US and the world. From an Air Force museum in Arizona, to the bustling streets of Istanbul Turkey. And all the beautiful beaches in between.

Destination weddings give you and your family the chance to bond, spend several days together. Building memories that will last a lifetime. And capturing that spirit in the wedding day photos is amazing. 

Having a destination wedding allows you to choose a location that has a special meaning to you, and will always have for the future. Destination weddings combine the best of both worlds. All your family and guests enjoy a once in a lifetime celebration combined with a exciting vacation!

I am available to shoot all the events of your destination wedding celebration. Whether it be a welcome party on a sunset cruise, or a pub crawl through the vibrant city streets. I strive to capture all the energy and excitement you will have planned for the wedding celebrations!