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A gorgeous venue, beautiful flowers, and a kick ass van helped to create the perfect wedding day!

Ryan and Megan had their late July wedding at the Vine Hill House in Sepbastopol, which was the perfect wine country venue for the relaxed and intimate feel they wanted to create. The ladies at Bloom and Blush created the bride’s stunning look, and the flowers from Floral Design by Heather really pulled the whole look together! But the cherry on top was the bride and groom’s awesome VW Westfalia camper van! Ryan and Megan have travelled all over the country in that van, and it is a huge part of them and their lifestyle as a couple, so we wanted to make sure to incorporate it into some of the wedding photos. And I am so in love with how they turned out! It was such a fun day, the bridal party was awesome and the bride and groom amazing. As Ryan and Megan pointed out, I might have to make all of my future couples bring a cool van to the wedding for photos! LOL

Congrats Megan & Ryan and keep on trucking!!


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